Advantages and disadvantages of PVC neon strips and silicone neon strips

PVC LED Neon Light

Advantages: high temperature resistance, PVC material temperature resistance -15 ℃ -80 ℃.

Disadvantages: The material feels relatively hard and is easily affected by other outdoor factors. The stability of light and heat fluctuates greatly. After long-term sunlight exposure, it will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, and it will further autocatalyze decomposition, causing discoloration and rapid decline in physical and mechanical properties. , causing hardening, cracking and other phenomena. Especially in extremely humid, acid, alkali, salt corrosion places can not be used. In addition, PVC burning will produce irritating toxic gases.

LED Silicone Neon Light

1. High weather resistance: The material has excellent thermal stability and can maintain a normal soft state for a long time under the environment of -50 ℃-150 ℃, and is not prone to embrittlement, deformation, softening, aging, etc.

2. Strong anti-UV ability: It can be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time (more than 5 years) without yellowing and aging. It can be used in outdoor environment for a long time without being affected.

3. Strong corrosion resistance: The chemical properties of silica gel are stable, and it will not react with any other substances except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. It can resist the corrosion of general acids, alkalis and salts. station, yacht environment or facility.

4. High light transmittance: It can be applied to the light strip, and the light loss can be reduced to a lower level for the light strip.

5. Excellent tear resistance: excellent tear resistance and good physical and mechanical properties. After the silicone is formed, it can withstand artificial random tearing, and the silicone will not be damaged and deformed, because it will fully rebound after being pulled up.

6. Strong thermal conductivity: Compared with the thermal conductivity of PVC, which is 0.14W/MK, the thermal conductivity of silica gel is 27W/MK. It can effectively dissipate heat when applied to the light strip.

To sum up, in the future LED neon light bar products, silicone materials will occupy a dominant position with excellent comprehensive performance.